Hong Chi Morninghill School, Tsui Lam. Alumni Association

Our alumni association was established in 2014 with the aim of promoting connections among alumni and encouraging personal growth. We welcome all our graduates to join our big family!
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The Symbolism of the Logo:

1. The "TL" in the logo represents Hong Chi Morninghill School, Tsui Lam., while the "person" symbolizes our alumni, with the hope that they will continue to move forward and start a new chapter in life.

2. The "TL" is behind the alumni, symbolizing that the school's teachers and staff will always be behind the alumni, continuing to encourage their personal growth.

3. At the same time, the alumni's "hand" is still connected to the "TL", representing the hope that alumni will continue to care for and help the school's continued development, bringing everyone together and promoting connections.

4. The color of the "person" in the logo is taken from the school's vision "CAMPUS", representing our expectations for our graduates: good communication skills (C), good work abilities (A), good morals and values (M), problem-solving and critical thinking skills (P), understanding of principles (U), and good self-management skills (S). We hope that they will continue to embody the spirit of Kwong Chi Tsui Lam Shing Kung even after graduation in their different roles in society.



會長-楊昕彤 (2016-2017年度畢業)
副會長-莫智恒 (2016-2017年度畢業)

1. 劉霆邦 (2012-2013年度畢業)
2. 顏俊立 (2013-2014年度畢業)
3. 區嘉慧 (2015-2016年度畢業)
4. 何嘉熹 (2014-2015年度畢業)
5. 譚梓杰 (2016-2017年度畢業)



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