Our vision:

Committed to providing quality school education,
With the goal of equipping every graduate with employability.



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Our feature

We are committed to promoting career planning education and realizing the school vision of " Committed to providing quality school education, With the goal of equipping every graduate with employability.". We use the "Personal Outcome Assessment for Students" (Hong Chi Association, 2006) and hold regular class meetings to set personal growth goals for each student in primary and secondary levels, and develop individualized career planning plans.

Career planning is implemented through the "Plan-Implement-Evaluate" model, with comprehensive support provided through the "Three-tier Support Framework" (whole class, small group, individual). Our professional team uses a "Common Platform", "Common Language", and "Common Standards" to design individualized learning plans and cater to diverse learning needs and potential. We also have advanced and basic groups to develop students' strengths and support their learning. We provide support for individual growth needs, such as behavior and emotion management, social communication, independence, and community adaptation, through speech therapy, occupational therapy, social work counseling, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), individualized physical education plans, and group learning plans. We also have leadership training and reward programs to cultivate good character and promote holistic development.

For high school students, we have a "High School Career Transition Program" that helps them plan for their future employment and arrange vocational assessments, courses, and training according to their goals and career paths. We also have a "Graduate Support Mechanism" to assist high school students in smoothly transitioning to their careers.

Parent and student involvement is also crucial. Through the "Career Planning Education Electronic Platform", parents can understand their child's career planning goals and progress. They can also upload evidence and share their child's learning achievements. The platform also provides self-learning resources for parents and students to promote self-learning habits.

Our school systematically assists students in planning their learning journey, encourages them to make autonomous decisions, equips them according to their abilities and interests, and explores their future paths, so that they can be self-reliant and contribute to society after graduation.