School Supervisor: Ms. LAM Mei Lin
Principal: Dr. FOK Chun Wing

Our school is divided into primary classes and secondary classes. The criteria for class allocation are based on students age and abilities. The school staff includes the principal, teachers, resource teachers, speech therapists, educational psychologist, social workers, nurses, clerks, teaching assistants, janitors, and other support staff.

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Staff Rank No. of people
Teaching staff Principal 1
Assistant Principal of Secondary School 5
Vice Principal of Primary School 1
Senior teachers of Secondary School 12
Senior teachers of Primary School 7
Teachers 24
Specialists Social Workers 4
Speech Therapists 4
Nurses 2
Educational Psychologist 1
Occupational Therapist 1
Occupational Therapy Assistant 1
Staff Rank No. of people
Other Staff IT technician 2
Executive Officer 1
School assistant 4
Clerk 2
Teacher assistants 5
Non-Chinese language assistant 1
Janitor 9