School Educational Objectives:

1. Students:
1.1 Foster students' good character to become responsible and accountable citizens.
1.2 Guide students to learn basic knowledge according to their individual abilities and cultivate their self-learning skills.
1.3 Develop students' ability to adapt to society and acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes for independent living; and assist them in making preparations and arrangements for leaving school.
1.4 Cultivate students' ability to lead a healthy lifestyle and appreciate things.

2. Teaching Staff:
2.1 Promote professional growth among teaching staff.
2.2 Enhance teamwork among teaching staff.
2.3 Foster leadership skills among teaching staff.
2.4 Increase teaching staff's sense of mission in education.

3. Parents:
3.1 Provide opportunities for parents to participate in students' learning.
3.2 Help parents understand their rights and responsibilities in educating their children.
3.3 Promote a spirit of mutual assistance among parents.
3.4 Provide appropriate parental guidance and support, cultivating them as partners in the school's work.

4. School Administration and Management:
4.1 Establish development directions and plans, keeping up with the times and improving school effectiveness.
4.2 Improve existing structures, management systems, and administrative procedures.
4.3 Maintain a democratic, harmonious, and pleasant working atmosphere, create a lifelong learning environment, and establish a campus culture of information technology.
4.4 Utilize and expand facilities and resources both within and outside the school.

5. Community:
5.1 Enhance connections with the local and external community, providing services related to persons with intellectual disabilities and other organizations.
5.2 Promote understanding and acceptance of persons with intellectual disabilities among members of society.
5.3 Address the needs and rights of persons with intellectual disabilities.