Social Work Team

Using professional knowledge and skills in social work to achieve the following goals:

1. Enhance students' abilities to handle and solve personal problems, such as behavior, emotions, interpersonal relationships, and school adaptation and learning.

2. Assist students in developing good interpersonal relationships to adapt to group life in school, achieve a happy learning experience, and prepare for their future in society.

3. Help students develop independent living skills so they can integrate into the community and develop their abilities.

4. Increase parents' attention to their children and encourage them to work with the school to help students reach their potential and achieve personal growth.

Services include:

1. Individual counseling for students.

2. Group activities for students, such as games, socializing, sex education, and communication.

3. Assistance with student admissions, adaptation, career planning, referrals, and support for graduates.

4. Counseling, support, and education for parents through groups, lectures, visits, and activities.

5. Introduction to community resources for long-term holiday activities and temporary residence services.

6. Assistance with applying for welfare subsidies.

How to apply:

Parents who wish to apply for different welfare subsidies/services for their children, such as family services, child care, fund applications, waiting for day training or accommodation services, etc., are kindly requested to log in to the school's parent platform and fill out the electronic form to submit the application or proactively request a service application form from the social work team. After completing the relevant application items, please return the form to the social work team. Once the team receives the application form you submitted, the responsible social worker will contact the parents for further processing. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 2706-1881 or 2706-1953 to contact the social work team. Thank you.

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